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5F Mitaka City Gallery of Art http://mitaka-sportsandculture.or.jp/gallery/
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ショップガイド Shop Guide


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季寄せ 蕎麦 柏や店舗写真

Japanese Soba, Traditional Food, Craft Saké

Kiyose Soba Kashiwaya

Japanese Soba, Traditional Food, Craft Saké / Kiyose Soba Kashiwaya

Serving Traditional Soba and Saké Since 1930

Our restaurant is a local favorite that has been operating on the site of present-day Mitaka CORAL since 1930. We use only the finest soba sourced from Horokanai, Hokkaido to make our in-house noodles, which we serve alongside traditional delicacies like seasonal fish and tempura, all prepared by our professional chefs. We offer over 80 varieties of Japanese dishes and a wide selection of saké representing regions across the country. Come and enjoy our exclusive Hakkaisan beer sent direct from the brewery and our award-winning “soba sweets.” We offer a refined atmosphere for business entertaining and are able to arrange course meals and party plans at a variety of price points. Please inquire for details.

business hours11:00~22:30(LO.21:30)
phone number0422-48-2349
budget(Lunch) Approx. ¥1,000 / (Course Dinner) Approx. ¥4,000
credit card 【Credit Cards Accepted】
【E-Money Accepted】
URL http://www.kashiwaya-soba.net/
【Facebook】 https://www.facebook.com/mitakakashiwaya
【twitter】 https://twitter.com/sobamorizou
【Gurunavi】 http://r.gnavi.co.jp/gc2g600/
【Tabelog】 http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1320/A132002/13037689/

4F Floor Map



Sushi Misakimaru

Sushi / Misakimaru

Fresh Sushi from ¥100 per Piece, Plus Tax

Please come and enjoy our fresh sushi, starting from ¥100 per piece (plus tax), as well as our reasonably priced selection of seasonal side dishes and alcoholic beverages.

business hours11:00~22:00(LO.21:30)
phone number0422-26-5201
URL http://www.kyotaru.co.jp/sushi_misakimaru/
【Tabelog】 http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1320/A132002/13171232/

4F Floor Map


Charcoal-Grilled Free-Range Chicken


Charcoal-Grilled Free-Range Chicken / Torigen

Using Only the Highest-Quality White Binchotan Charcoal

We insist on using only the highest-quality white binchotan charcoal to grill-fire our delicious chicken skewers and other dishes. The high-grade, infrared-emitting charcoal ensures a crispy texture surrounding a fluffy, juicy interior. Come by and try it for yourself!

business hours11:00~23:00(LO.22:30)
phone number0422-24-3323
URL https://ramla-shop.com/torigen-mitaka/
【twitter】 https://twitter.com/torigen_mitaka
【Gurunavi】 http://r.gnavi.co.jp/g853106/

4F Floor Map


Ladies-Only Facilities

Nursing Room

Ladies-Only Facilities / Nursing Room

Showing Our Support for Local Mothers

A nursing room is available on the fourth floor of Mitaka CORAL to provide security and peace of mind to our female customers with small children. Mothers both local and visiting from afar are free to use the room as needed.

business hours11:00~20:00

When getting off from the fourth floor escalator, the nursing room is located forward and to the left, in a recessed alcove.

4F Floor Map


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Books, Magazines, Stationery

KEIBUNDO Bookstore

Books, Magazines, Stationery / KEIBUNDO Bookstore

The Region's Largest Selection of Books in All Genres!!

Our shelves are stocked with the latest hits, as well as boasting the region's largest genre-spanning selection of paperbacks, comics, practical non-fiction titles for all hobbies and lifestyles, and other books for your reading enjoyment! We also offer a diverse selection of stationery and writing instruments. We're looking forward to serving you!

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-79-5840
URL http://www.keibundo.co.jp/

3F Floor Map

2FFashion street

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Health Supplements & Beauty Goods


Health Supplements & Beauty Goods / AENA

Japan’s First Anti-aging Specialty Store!

Beauty and Health that everyone craves.
We propose a wide selection of methods you can use with ease to resolve all problems you face overcoming worries about your appearance and health, and in this way, we support your anti-aging efforts, as you strive for improved personal beauty and health! We offer our customers an exciting array of products, not only anti-aging care products, but health supplements and makeup that are now hot topics, plus beauty goods and brand-name cosmetics.

Web https://www.aena.co.jp/

2F Floor Map


Socks Specialty Store


Socks Specialty Store / Kutsushitaya

Fun and Trending Styles of Innerwear for Your Feet

Feel free to drop by and browse our selection. Also, our staff is happy to provide gift wrapping services for your purchase. Just ask!

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-79-0099
URL http://www.tabio.com/jp/brand/kutsushitaya.cgi

2F Floor Map


Young Casual Fashion


Young Casual Fashion / Honeys

Discerning Taste and High Quality at Affordable Prices

At Honeys, we value nothing more highly than the trust placed in us by our customers. We strive to bring you discerning fashion choices with high-quality design and construction at affordable prices. We're focused on our mission to reach out to new customers and provide the best possible service to you.

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-79-0082
URL https://www.honeys.co.jp/

2F Floor Map


Women's Underwear

BoaBoa mate

Women's Underwear / BoaBoa mate

A Lavish Selection of Ladies' Intimate Apparel

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to answer questions and find a perfect match for each individual customer.

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-40-2291

2F Floor Map


Women's Clothing


Women's Clothing / ensoleille

From Casuals to Formal Wear

We offer a wide variety of casual and formal outfits for fashionable, sophisticated women in their forties and beyond. Our friendly staff is waiting to assist you!

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-47-7006

2F Floor Map


Women's Clothing


Women's Clothing / PADDY

Casual Apparel for Women Over Forty

We focus on tasteful casual clothing options for women in their forties and beyond. Our kind and attentive staff is on hand and waiting to help coordinate fashion options for each individual customer's lifestyle.

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-79-0013

2F Floor Map

1FVariety Club

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Jewelry / VERITE

We welcome customers with an abundant lineup of products that respond to a wide range of needs.

VERITE cherishes the concept of letting people enjoy jewelry with familiarity in an easily accessible atmosphere, and has been favored by a broad cross section of customers for many years. We welcome customers with an abundant lineup of products that respond to a wide range of needs. We also take orders for jewelry remodeling, repair, cleaning, etc.

business hours10:00〜20:00
phone number0422-29-8350
URL https://www.verite.jp/

1F Floor Map


Digital Camera & Photo Print

Camera Kitamura

Digital Camera & Photo Print / Camera Kitamura

We offer our customers a new photo experience to help them enrich the role of photography in their daily lives.

Camera Kitamura offers photo printing services and accepts orders for photo books. Our simple interior shop design based on the use of wooden shelves creates a more comfortable place for greater enjoyment of the tasks of selecting your photos and editing your photo book. We also offer a carefully selected line-up of albums, small frames, and other printing goods, sell used cameras, and will even buy your old camera for a generous price. Our shop also provides ID photos for every purpose including passports, examination admission cards, or job-hunting use. You can relax in our specially-designed photo studio where a Kitamura staff member carefully takes your picture over again and again until you are completely satisfied. The entire process from posing until you receive your high-quality finished ID photos will be completed in no more than 10 minutes.

business hours10:00〜21:00
phone number0422-46-5577
URL http://www.kitamura.jp/
【Store blog】 http://blog.kitamura.jp/13/4532/

1F Floor Map


Tea & Confections

Cozy Corner

Tea & Confections / Cozy Corner

Come Enjoy Our Shop and Tea Room!

Celebrate a birthday with one of our specially-decorated cakes, or pick up some of our delectable confections as a gift. Our wide assortment of sweets ranges from chou à la crème to éclairs, with new seasonal items introduced each month. Feel free to relax for a while with a piece of cake in our adjoining tea room. We're here to brighten our customers' smiles with our treats, and our whole staff can't wait for you to stop by!

business hours10:00〜21:00(LO.20:00)
phone number0422-79-0021
URL http://www.cozycorner.co.jp/
【Tabelog】 http://tabelog.com/tokyo/A1320/A132002/13044847/

1F Floor Map


Lifestyle Fashion Goods

Bleu Bleuet

Lifestyle Fashion Goods / Bleu Bleuet General Store

Founded on the Concept of Celebrating Locally-Sourced Products

Drop in any time to browse our seasonal selection of natural, soothing household goods, fashion accessories, and other items. We're here to help accent your days with a little more fun.

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-43-0508
URL http://bleubleuet.co.jp/

1F Floor Map


Used Select Shop


Used Select Shop / REJOY

High-Quality Clothing, Bags, and Shoes from Sophisticated Labels

At REJOY, we insist on dealing only in high-quality merchandise from well-known brands. We offer a wide array of preowned products in excellent condition, including clothing, bags, and shoes, and we carry numerous items from high-end designer labels. We're eager to cater to sellers in addition to buyers: Bring by your brand-name products any time, and we'll be happy to consult with you.

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-72-5080
URL http://www.re-abc.com/coral/

1F Floor Map


Baby & Children's Clothing

Piccadilly Circus

Baby & Children's Clothing / Piccadilly Circus

A Great Selection of Adorable Children's Clothing

Come by and look through our wonderful inventory of cute clothes. Our wide selection of sizes covers newborns through children up to 140 cm tall.

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-44-8185

1F Floor Map


Shoe Repair & Duplicate Keys


Shoe Repair & Duplicate Keys / MISTER MINIT

Footwear Repair, Key Duplication, and Other Accessory Services

We provide resoling and other repair services for men's and women's footwear. Stop by any time. Also, feel free to inquire about our cleaning and coloring options for bags and shoes, as well as our key duplication services.

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-79-0006
URL http://www.minit.co.jp/

1F Floor Map


Natural Foods


Natural Foods / KODAWARIYA

Focused on Domestically-Produced Goods with Minimal Use of Chemical Pesticides, Fertilizers, and Additives

We are proud providers of fresh, healthy foods. Our vegetables and fruit are produced by earth-conscious growers who use organic farming methods that aren't reliant upon pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Our livestock products come from healthy, free-range cows, pigs, and chickens. And our seafood is sourced from fishermen who use sustainable methods that respect the sea. Our processed food items are additive-free, created by culinary craftsmen who strive to honor the natural flavors of their hand-picked ingredients. Come browse our exclusive selection of individual-focused foods presented in close conjunction with our network of organically-minded producers.

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-24-6841
URL http://www.kodawariichiba.com/

1F Floor Map


Insurance Consultation

HOKEN Clinic Mitaka CORAL Branch

Insurance Consultation / HOKEN Clinic

Find Your Perfect Insurance Plan from Our Selection Spanning Nearly 50 Providers

Our on-site insurance consultants are happy to guide you in selecting the perfect solution to fill your individual needs. Consultation is free of charge, for as many visits as you'd like to make. We're eager to provide answers to your questions and concerns, so that you can rest assured that you've made the best insurance choice for you.

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0120-797-929
URL http://www.hoken-clinic.com/

1F Floor Map


Repairs and Alterations for Bags, Clothing

Fashion Workshop

Repairs and Alterations for Bags, Clothing / Fashion Workshop

We provide repair and alteration services, including invisible repairs, for a wide range of items from clothing to bags. We are also able to repair and sharpen kitchen utensils such as knives.

We’re eagerly waiting to assist you!

ホームページ http://www.oshare-koubou.co.jp/



Eyewear and Eye Care Services

MEGANE Super Mitaka CORAL Branch

Eyewear and Eye Care Services / MEGANE Super

Come Experience an Eye Test Unlike Any You've Tried Before

Our stock of contact lenses can be purchased on-site without a prescription (with the exception of Johnson & Johnson brands). We also offer free consultation services regarding hearing aids, and we're happy to answer your inquiries at any time!

business hours10:00~20:00
phone number0422-79-5620
URL http://www.meganesuper.co.jp/

1F Floor Map

B1Mitaka Market

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Fresh Fish


Fresh Fish / Uoriki

A Generous Selection with an Emphasis on Seasonal Fish

We carry a wide selection of gourmet items, with a particular focus on varieties of fish that are currently in season. Our staff members are happy to prepare any of our fresh merchandise to your preference. Please inquire at the counter just behind our display shelves.

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-79-0003
URL http://www.uoriki.co.jp/

B1 Floor Map


Meats & Deli Foods

New Quick

Meats & Deli Foods / New Quick

Watch Out for Great “Quick Day” Deals on the 9th, 19th, and 29th of the Month!

“Careful preparation, an eye for quality, and reasonable prices.” New Quick is a meat specialty store. Ever since our establishment, we've insisted on using a display counter format in our shop to ensure maximum face-to-face interaction. Our customers constantly express their appreciation of the flexibility we afford them to purchase our ingredients and foods in the exact quantities they need. On the 9th, 19th, and 29th of the month we hold our “Quick Day” event, with plenty of great deals for our shoppers.

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-79-0029
URL http://www.new-quick.co.jp/

B1 Floor Map


Deli Foods

Iina & Zest

Deli Foods / Iina & Zest

Visit Us for All Your Fried- and Grilled-Food Needs!

Iina & Zest has been in business at Mitaka CORAL for nearly 20 years, happily providing for all your fried- and grilled-food needs. We thank you for your patronage, and we're looking forward to serving you for many more years to come.

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-79-0015
URL http://zestcook.net/

B1 Floor Map


Import Foods


Import Foods / Carnival

Imported Foodstuffs at Great Prices!

We offer astounding deals on imported groceries, including foreign snacks, nonperishable ingredients, and condiments. We also have a large selection of reasonably-priced wine and an assortment of refrigerated products such as cheese and uncured ham. Stop by and have a look!

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-40-6755

B1 Floor Map


Organic Rice & Natural Foods

Uchino Kome Umaiyo

Organic Rice & Natural Foods / Uchino Kome Umaiyo

Five Tenets of Discerning Taste

1. We refuse to stock rice grown through conventional, non-organic methods.
2. Instead, our rice is organically-grown to ensure a safe, healthy product. (We believe good rice depends on healthy, sustainable soil.)
3. Our rice is hulled on-site, just prior to sale, to preserve freshness and provide the best possible taste.
4. We take responsibility for our sales. If one of our products doesn't meet your expectations, please return it for a refund.
5. Orders of 5 kg or more can be delivered by courier free of charge.
* For details, please visit our website, linked below.

business hours10:00~21:00
phone number0422-43-0701
URL http://www.uchinokome.com/

Floor Map



AntenDo Mitaka CORAL Branch

Bakery / AntenDo

A Bakery Café with Freshly-Baked Bread, Coffee, and Pasta

Our stone-baked bread was awarded first place in the bread division of Japan's First Annual National Confectionary Exposition, receiving the distinguished Prince Takamatsu Crown Prize. Come enjoy the delicious smells and flavor of bread freshly prepared in our in-store oven.

business hours10:00〜21:00
phone number0422-26-5231
URL http://www.antendo.com/

Floor Map